Iti scriu tot acum, schimbi tu numele.
Dear Maddy,
I know you know about the concert who was yesterday, but you asked me to tell you how it was.
So, the best singer was announced at 6 o'clock, and he was (cantaretul preferat), and he sang (melodia preferata de la cantaretul respectiv). It was pretty amazing. I'm sorry you wasn't there.
With love, my name.
Dear X,
I'm writting you to tell you about the concert in Bucarest that was held yesterday. Like promised, I sent you some photos too. The concert was exellent. It was held in the Bucarest central park and it began at 8 o'clock. Everybody was screaming and singing with the band. The atmosphere was amazing. I wish you were there to experience this. I hope that you will come with me at the next concert. I guarantee you that it will be a blast.
With love, Y.