Faceti-mi si mie niste propozitii cu urmatoarele cuvintele:staircase, a flash, narrow, lane, to pour, to introduce, library, guest, spine, to howl,relief, to show somebody, to look for, to nod, to sip, to break down, to put somebody for the night, refreshed, amaizement, to drop,silver troy..va rog fara google translate



Eu numai o propozitie cu un cuvant stiu:

I went to the library.
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I went up the staircase to my room.
The flash is broken.
That road is narrow.
I went down the lane to my house.
He learned to pour water in the glass.
You need to introduce yourself.
I went to the library to take a book.
I have a guest, so i can't come with you.
I broken my spine.
He howled at me.
You need to relief yourself.
You want to show somebody to me?
Look for the flashlight.
You just nod.
I siped all the juice.

I need to sip the juice. Ultimul nu este bun :D
Aha, merci mult :D