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1.Carpet -  A carpet gives a home an interesting look and gives it colour and stile.You need to know how to match it with your house objects . Carpets are usefull for our health too , because we always need to be protected from cold floor not to get sick . A lovely carpet is a good mood for people in the house .

2. Wardrobe - There is not a house without a wardrobe where we can keep our clothes . Match it with the furniture in the room  and you will seem that it's your dear house what you worked for . In the wardrobe mustn't be dirty too , to seem happy when you open it and see a lot of beautiful and clean clothes in a tidy wardrobe.
nu , nu gasesc
incepe cu trebuie sa folosesc will si wont
trebuia sa fac o compunere despre paste, am facut-o dar nu am folosit cuvintele WILL si WON”T, asa ca nu a fost buna
ok , acus te ajut