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Pai aici depinde de persoana. Dar sa zicem ca scrii despre cea mai buna prietena. Sa luam spre exemplu numele Diana.
Diana is my best friend. She is 13 years old and she is in the 7th grade. She is very smart and she likes going to school. I have known her since I was 6.
She has long, dark blonde hair and big blue eyes. On her tiny nose she has freckles and her cheeks are always pink. She is pretty fit, as a result of going to the gym everyday. Besides that, she also plays tennis and football. Diana has always loved sports.
As for her personality, she is a very kind person. This girl always helps people in need, always feeds stray animals and gives money to homeless children. Her heart is as big as the whole world. 
In conclusion, Diana is and will always be my best friend and a person that I admire. What about your best friend?

Ti-am facut un model. Eventual mai poti sa dezvolti :)
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My mother being the being that gave me birth .
she is hardworking and very good cook.
mom is smooth soul and is beautiful.
Cam atat stiu.
iti doresc succes!

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