Read these story beginnings and underline the correct form of the verb.

1.One day,as I was walking/walked to the station,I noticed a strange-looking man.He looked/was looking in a jeweller's window.
2.Alex was just finishing/finished dinner when he he heard thew telephone ring."Oh no!''he was crying/cried.''Who can that be at this time of night?''
3.It was Saturday night.I was locking/locked my car when I heard/was hearing someone call out my name.
4.The sun shone/was shining what we left for the beach.Suddenly,as we arrived,it was starting/started raining heavily.
5.One evening,as I travelled/was travelling home on the train to Birmingham,I met/was meeting a very interesting old woman.



Was walking-was looking-was just finishing-cried-locked-heard-was shining-started-was travelling-met. Sper ca am ajutat :D