Complete the conversation with the corect form of the verb and the time adverbials.
1.Tom /go?(yet)
2.Yes,he/stop work/about an hour.(ago)
3.Oh! he/finsh for the day ? (already)
4.Yes,he/cycle into town.(just)
5.he/leave/a message for me before he/go?
6.I don't the reception desk?
7.No/I/not/be there.(yet) Thanks.



1. Tom is going yet? 
2. Yes, he was stopped working an hour ago.
3. Oh! he finish already for the day?
4. Yes,he just cycling into town.
5. He left a message for me before he go?
6. I don't know. You asked at the reception desk?
7. No, I not been there yet.
Sper ca e bine :)  
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