Cine-mi poate traduce corect aceasta :

In opinia mea , esecul este doar un mijloc prin care noi , trebuie sa o luam de la capat precum un frumos proverb chinezesc spune : " daca un lucru nu iti reuseste din prima , incearca pana cand reusesti " .

In primul rand , daca infrangerea te face sa decazi moral , atunci , daca nu incerci sa te ridici moral , vei devenii depresiv si nu vei mai avea sansa sa te ridici niciodata si doar asa o sa fii un exemplu negativ din cadrul celor care nu au incercat , iar aceasta le-a fost cel mai mare esec .

In al doile rand , daca dupa un esec , incerci sa te ridici si prin mult efort chiar reusesti aceasta , atunci cu siguranta ca vei fi un exemplu pozitiv in randul celor care nu au luat infrangerea ca pe cel mai mare esec ci s-au gandit ca pierderea sansei de a incerca ridicarea este cu adevarat un esec , astfel ca incercand , s-au ridicat si au reusit sa-si spele reputatia .

In concluzie , daca dupa infrangere , nu privesti calea care te poate ajuta sa te ridici , prin efort , atunci vei fi depresiv mult timp , dar daca vei reusi ca prin multe incercari sa te ridici si s-a fii invingator in loc de invins , atunci , vei inlocui esecul cu succesul .



In my opinion , failure is just a means by which we have to start over as a beautiful Chinese proverb says : "If one thing you do not succeed at first , try until you succeed " .
First, if you make the fallen moral defeat , then, if you try to cheer , you become depressed and you will not have a chance to get up again and the only way you'll be a bad example among those who did not tried , and it has been the greatest failure.
Second , if after a failure, try to get up and the effort really get it , then surely you will be a positive example among those who did not take the defeat as the biggest failure but were thought the loss of opportunity to try lifting is really a failure , so trying , rose and managed to wash reputation .
In conclusion, if after defeat, not look the way that can help you rise through effort, then you will be depressed for a long time , but if you succeed as the many attempts to get up and be a winner instead of beat , then will replace failure with success .