Am o tema la engleza-despre boli!Trebuie sa facem un proiect in care sa precizam-Boala,Simtome,Cauza si Solutii pt vindecare.....Echipei mele ne-a picat Anemia....deci imi trebuie simptome,xazue si solutii :)) Cine stie?



Anemia. So first of all, the most common symptom is feeling tired or weak. If you have anemia, you may find it hard To find the energy To do normal activities. Other signs and symptoms of anemia include : Shortness of breath; dizziness; headache ; coldness in the hands and feet; pale skin; chest pain. These signs and symptoms can occur because your heart has to work harder to pump oxygen-rich blood through your body. It can be caused by multiple causes, like :By iron deficiency; by vitamine B12 deficiency; by chronic lead poisoning; by chronic red blood. If you have anemia the best solution is To go To talk with a doctor and he obviously will help you as much as he can. ..." Bafta:)