My best friend is called Sara; she is one of my schoolmates; she is in my class and she sits next to me. We are the same age but she was born in May and I was born in September, so she is already fourteen while I am still thirteen. 
She is average height and slim; she has got an oval face; her eyes are big and brown; her hair is long straight and dark; we nickname her "whisp Bedini"; Bedini is her surname and we call her whisp because she wears a pony tail right on the top of her head.
She is very good at school; her favourite school subject is Maths;
She looks si but, she is very sociale when she gets to know you. When she was a little girl she used to be bossy and so they gave her this label.

What I like best of her is that she is always ready to help you.
Sara likes playing volleyball very much. It is her favourite sport. She likes reading every cand of book, but especially fantastic stories like the Potter books or the Twilight novels. 

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