Complete the sentences using the words in bold.Use two to five words.
1. He has paid a professional to train his dog for him
trained He .........By a professional.
2.His nose was broken in a fight
got a fight
3. She hired a famous photographer to take her son's picture.
had She a famous photographer
4. We'll ask him to rewrite this contact.
have we.....this contract rewritten
5. He will ask someone at the garage to respray his car
have the garage.
6.The hairdresser is dyeing Ann's hair
dyed the hairdresser.
7.Someone stole her bag in the street.
got the street.
8. We arranged for someone to water our plants.
watered We......while we were away
9. Is there some way this can be done more quikly?
have Is there some way we...more quickly?
10. Someone broke into our neighbour's house before they came back
broken Our neighbours........into before they came back.



!. He has his dog trained by...
2. He got his nose broken..
3. She had her son's picture taken by a..
4. We'll have him had
5. He will have his car repaired by..
6 Ann has her hair being dryed.
7. She got stolen in the street 
8. We had our plants watered by someone
9. Is there some way we have our car done more..
10. Our n had their house broken into before... Hope it helps :D