If you get a pet for Christmas it doesn't mean that after you get bored of of it than you can throw it away like a rag doll.If you accept a pet you have to take the responsability to take care of it because animals aren't things that you can rod of if you don't need it anymore.
It's important to understand that a pet it's not easy to keep because it is like a baby,you have to feed it,play with it and clean up after it.They too have soul and they can thank you in their own way.You can make a strong bound with your pet but you have to give it time because bounds are formed in a period of time it doesn't happen insteand.
The pets can help you in different ways for example if you have a hard time and you need to talk  with sombody,or you are alone in the house,or it can remind you of special persons to you,or it can just simply keep your hause safe when you're gone.
So to have a pet you have to take responsabilities but you  are rewarded with love and loiality from it.