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Complete these sentences with despite or even though on the solid lines and so , such , such a(n) on the dotted lines.

1 ____________the fact there was a good film on thet night, Helen was ................. triedshe went to bed.
2 erica was .................... girl that she always won prizes but _______________ her intelligence she couldn't read a bus timetable !
3 ___________ we trained hard our team lost the game but we are ............ determined to win next time that we are now training even harder.
4 tom is .......... difficult child that he has been expelled from two schools. ________ his parents try hard to help him , he still gets into trouble.
5. hungarian is ............. difficult for english people that the browns stil can't speak it well________ they've been living in hungary for a year .
6 the class had a video conference with a school in argentina but__________ the modern technology the transmission was very bad . they had ............ trouble understanding each other that they gave up.


1. Despite, so
2. such a, despite
3. Even though, so
4. Such a, even though
5.so, even though
6. despite, such a
2 5 2
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