Buna seara! Ajutati-ma!!! Va rogg!!!! Read the statements (1-5) below. Decide if you agree or disagree with them. Write notes giving reasons for you opinions.
1.Fame and money bring happiness.
2.The press shouldnt write about the lives of famous people.
3.Famous footballers and pop singers get too much money.
4.The government should tax very rich people a lot more.
5.The government should have more control over newspapers TV and the Internet.Multumesc!



1.Disagree because who wants to not gain love and attention from your family but to have fame and money.
2 Agree because their lives is something private.
3.Agree they get a lot of money but their lives is published to anyone.
4 Agree the rich people should pay more then poor people because they have money to pay a lot more then poor people.
5 Disagree they have the control of the TV or newspapers but the internet must to be free.