Va rog ajutati-ma !! Help-me!!!

Am de facut la engleza o compunere(desigur in engleza)...

In compunere trebuie sa scriu despre un accident cand ma intorc de la scoala spre casa ! Sa fie aproape de o pagina mica! Si de nota 9-10! Va rog este pentru maine!



Cel mai inteligent răspuns!
Today, the last day of the penultimate week, I came back very happy on the way home because it was the last day and all the kids took vacation for three months and a half. And as I go on the road, on the road, a car ran over a copin, aged about 12 years, being in 6th grade. Scared I dusin langasosea hurry and when I looked closer it was my best friend from kindergarten. I started to cry because he was the best friend that I understand the right of celelaltefele Classic thousand. We immediately notified the rescue, because the girl had lost quite a lot of blood, and the victim fled, believing it not have happened jump, her again. After ten minutes, came salvation and the girl was taken to hospital. After two weeks, my best friend died.
Mi-l traduci te rog?
gata..ti lam pus pe profil traducerea
Imediat uite sper sa te ajute WinterIt is winter. Crystal butterflies flying through the sky darkened.
Criva Santa arrived on our land with her daughter. Her children formed a silver robe.
Small bell petals weave clothes tree with silver threads.
Sun pale gray clouds provided.
Very small breasts copliaşi is slippery hill. Fluffy snow crunches under their feet.
With the coming of this great season is approaching and the following holidays: Neculai Santa, Santa – Holy infant birth and transition to the new year.
Children enjoy the season that opens the hearts of the people in another year u iti mai dau una ! 
daca vr
ok asa ca eu ies
si alta data da mai multe puncte nu decat 5