1. past simple or present perf. simple?
how many times (you/try)...... to pass your driving test?
when(you/go) to rome?
i(not/see).........david at all this week
you look different(you/have) a haircut?
(you/speak)........to john yet?
my sister(be)... to the nw york
the us president (visit). our country



How many times have you tried  to pass your driving test?
When have you beed to Rome ?
didn't saw David at all this week.
*Aici cred ca ai scris gresit pentru ca nu prea inteleg, dar daca ar fi sa pun este :
You look different. Have you got a new haircut?
Have you spoken to John yet ?
My sister has been to the New York City.
The U.S. president has visited our country.