Buna ma nevoie de rezolvarea acestui exercitiu pe maine la engleza va rog sa ma ajutati!
Trebuie sa pun verbele la past simple sau past continuoaus
1. I used my time well while I ( Wait) ________ for my plane - I wrote some emails
2. I (not/work) ________ when my boss walkes in my office
3. When I ( wait) ______ for the taxi , I saw two car crashes
4. Tom (have) ________ long hair and a beard when he was at university.
5 I listened to the cassette you gave me while I (drive) _______ to work
6. What (you / do) ________ this time last year.
7. I (not/call _______ you at 9 o'clock as arranged because I was explaining the problem to him.




1 I was waiting 3 I was waiting 4 has 5 I was driving 6 what were you doing 7 I didn't call you 2 I wasn't working Sper ca te ajuta