In primul rand , faci introducere , DE GENUL: " Imi amintesc cu drag/nedrag ......." 
In cuprins dai argumente de ce a fost cum a fost...
si in incheiere :" Totul a trecut cu bine etc..."
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Best holiday (adica vacanta care a fost mai frumoasa)
One Say me and my parents go on top of one another. The slope was full of children having fun and we look forward to our cazam.ne I found accommodation at a hotel near the slopes, and we get our room ajezam to our seats. I took my glad I got the necessary equipment and at high altitudes. There I made many prieteni.Unul of them was Andrew. We dared to climb to high altitudes and ski descent. Share had climbed up to 1600 when there about 50 new metiram saw a bear who fed chicken. November panic came down fast and we enjoyed we meet up there. Our trip ended and we went home happy.

The worst holiday(cea mai rea vacanta)
I was at this hotel in August, Asena; I do not know what others have found so beautiful to him, for me it was the worst holiday of my life.
Terrible leave. Problems have occurred since the beginning, wanted to look something like: hotel of Canakkale (not her name), where we stopped to rest one night, have old furniture and a terrible smell. Once I entered the room and we leave luggage, we went into the room to talk to some friends where to go after eating. Meanwhile air conditioning in the room other friends explodes and the room fills freon or do not know what that smell was unbearable, even those at the reception just entered, coughing, after luggage. Of course, your friends get a much better room.
Then arrived in Kusadasi, we cazam the "famous" Hotel Asena, read about many, and good and evil, on forums, but too late, when I could not change the ticket. Here we find two men at the reception and a woman unexpectedly nice ... Because I was 6 people asked rooms on the same level as close. Said and done they say, only that we got a room without sea view (which was not a major problem) with an unbearable stench. We went down to reception and asked another room. Very nice, "no problem, clean room that we do not have more free". Indignant, I quarreled with one of the receptionists (luckily knew English) and have miraculously found a room.
We are moving to another floor with suitcases ... We go in that room, where I found some beds that could be joined, a nightstand next to the bed torn down and put an awful furniture. Not having what, after we got angry and worse, telling him not give him any money or even extra tip, I decided to stay in this room.
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