Economic development and natural, geological, biological and ecological changes brings about pollution. Industrial activities, the use of fossil energy for any power production, the bush fire for agriculture and breeding are some of the anthropic sources of air pollution. Most of those gases with high level of radiative actions generate the green house gas effect and are the sources of climate change.
Intensive use of chemical fertilizers, pesticide and herbicides for agricultural needs and wasted chemical products from factories and the stocks of city wastes are the main pedological pollutants that could also affect underground water and the inland water resources.
The sewage runs to the stream with other waste from different origins and reduce the offer of water resources. We are committed to fight against water, soil and air pollution. Fighting against air pollution need the use of new and renewable energy like solar energy, aeolian energy, tidal power energy, to replace fossil energy and cooking wood energy for forest preservation, humanity lung and important sink for carbon dioxide and other gases. 
Concerning water and soil protection we advise to use natural fertlizers and other natural mean, to chemical fertilizer in order to develop wherever it is possible organic food for a better health of the population. There are so many ways we can advise you to follow in order to protect water resources and soil for a sustainable development.
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