Am de raspuns la niste intrebari la primul exercitiu:
1.where does the man want to go?
2.what work are the volunteers doing? late is Spike?
4.what are the normal hours of work?
5.what's different about today?

ex 2
1.who (you/write to)....?
2.the volunteers (stay)....... in a hostel
3.their records (not/sell) ....... very well in the USA
4 ( your brother/study)...... at university now?
5.Louise (not/feel)......... very well at the moment

si uitati si poza cu textul pt exercitiu 1



Cel mai inteligent răspuns!
1. The man wants to go to Albert Dock
2. They are creating a youth center
3. Spike is fifteen minutes late
4. The normal hours of work are from nine a.m. to three and a half p.m.
5. Today they finish half an hour earlier.

1. are you writing to
2. are staying
3. didn't sell
4. Is your brother studying
5. isn't feeling
1 5 1