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A day in an artist's life might not be as different as many think. Of course they have extraordinary days sometimes. but not everyday. They start like any other person. But they don't leave for work because most of the time their workplace is a studio at home or nearby so they don't have to live far from their art.
 Next they get inspiration or start working, creating. To find that inspiration they have a wide range of activities to choose from. Perhaps they will do something new. Or just go for a long walk. It depens on each artist, on its lifestyle and ideas.
The day will end when they are satisfied with what they have done or when they are too tired to continue without a few hours of sleep. 
Instead of 'its' - his!
depends; și nu-mi place cum suna frază 'next they get inspiration..., creating'!
În rest, ok.
When thinking of artists and the way their lives might be, as we cannot definitely be as they truly are, we have to take into account their passion which is Art, be it poetry, painting or music, etc. For that, I would say that artists are conducting their lives by passion as they are passionate souls highly linked to everything surrounding their area, especially to Beauty of sounds, images, natural forms that God has created for normal human beings who are unfortunately unable to see, and who need an artist's soul to depict that for them. So, Art is the vehicle for the Truth to be revealed and the Beauty to be disclosed precisely by sensitive and daring souls like artists. They don't have time for pitty jobs as their purpose is much higher though not necessarily appreciated during their time. An artist daily life could be very different from one day to another, once filled with great joy and inspiring moments, and definitely not so happy, nor tranquil other times. So, their masterpieces largely depend on these moody times. Take Mozart, for instance, or Eminescu.... . The music as well the lyrics are obviously different from a period to another: Eminescu in love versus Eminescu disappointed of everyone, even of himself; Mozart calm and prolific in his journey of composing, and Mozart upset on financial issues. So, indeed, either angelic or demonised souls, artists undergo the same scale of life as well as normal people always do, and cannot either deviate from its basics no matter upsetting this might be for them. Still, they can escape from those pitiful, minor, habitual and inerent life experiences through widely open wings of imagination and creativity.