Answer the questions about the rescue using the past continuous.
1. What was Mrs Chopa doing at the time of the accident?
2. Where ws she when the car suddenly moved forward?
3. Why were Jim Rry and Rod Jenkins able to act so quickly?
4. What was the yachtsman doing at the time?
5. What was happening to the car?



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Mother of two Mrs Chopa was trying to help her father in law to start his car with some jump leads from the engine of her own car.
While she was sitting in her car, she accidentally put it in gear and the car suddenly leapt forward over the edge of the marina. It fell onto a wooden jetty and then bounced into the water.
Two boat repairers, jim Frcident. They immediatelly dived in and trey and Rod Jenkins who were standing nerby saw the accident . they immediately dived in and tried to free the woman from the car. Mr jenkins said: The car was slowly sinking . we tried to get Mrs Chorpa to open the car door but she couldn t . she just held on to the steering wheel
fortunetely yachtsman Stuart Bowen-Davies an experienced scuba diver saw the accident and jumped into the water with his scuba gearb. i was on my boat getting ready to go on a dive when suddenlyI saw what happening . Stuart swam towards the car bwhich was sinking fast, got to the woman throught an open door and gave her some air from his scuba tank. As she was breathing in some air, I managed to pull her out throught the window and up to the surface. My main worry was that we were too late .
Back on land Stuart gave Mrs Chopa mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. she is now recoverinh in the hospital. SFARSIT

mrs chopa was reading her favourite book at the time of the accident.

when the car suddenly moved forward she was by the window near her couch.

jim rry and rod jenkins were able to act so quickly because the were nearby when the accident happened.

at that time the yachtsman was playing golf with his friends.

the car was driving around.