Faceti o compunere in care sa descrieti o regiune nemaipomenita in limba engleza si sa scrieti de ce va place, unde este situata, din tara noastra ori din strainatate si ce mai are ea deci o descriere, dau puncte multe si sa nu fie gresita . Cine nu stie sa nu raspunda.



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Malta is an extraordinary nice island situated in the Southern European coast on the Mediterranean Sea. Its main characteristics is the honey colour of the Maltese buildings as the name of the island derives from a Greek word - 'mielite' meaning 'honey' . The capital is a very beautiful city, Valletta, which is the smallest capital in the European Union. People are very warm and friendly with the tourists who come to visit the 9 UNESCO sites and enjoy the sun rays and the extremely sparkling waters of the 'Blue Lagoon' . Unfortunately, Malta does not have wide spread beaches as, for example, our country has, but there are so many different tourist attractions that may invite you to go there one day and highly appreciate the Maltese natural beauties and learn about the Maltese Code of Honour.
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