Scrie propozitii la prezent continu,negativ si interogativ cu verbele: go, woalk, write, sing, eat, drink, talk, build, drive, travel.
Ex: My cousin is washing the dishes now.
My cousin is not washing the dishes now.
Is my cousin washing the dishes now?

Va rog seriozitate.



Cel mai inteligent răspuns!
My friend is going to the football match.
My friend isn't going to the football match.
Is my friend going to the football match ?

My girlfriend is walking to the supermarket.
My girlfriend isn't walking to the supermarket.
Is my girlfriend walking to the supermarket ?

I'm writeing an essay.
I'm not writeing an essay.
Am I writeing an essay ?

My mother is singing when she is washing the dishes.
My mother isn't singing when she is washing the dishes.
Is my mother singing when she's washing the dishes ?

Uncle Vlad is eating very much.
Uncle Vlad isn't eating very much.
Is uncle Vlad eating much ?

My father is drinking beer.
My father isn't drinking beer.
Is my father drinking beer ?

My teacher is talking too much.
My teacher is not talking too much.
Is my teacher talking too much ?

The constructors are building a new house.
Te constructors aren't building a new house.
Are the constructors building a new house ?

My brother is driving fast.
My brother is not driving fast.
Is my brother driving fast ?

My family is traveling to America.
My family isn't traveling to America.
Is my family traveling to America ?