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                                         Dear Matilda,

Thank you for the pair of earrings you gave me for Christmas.They're beautiful,I like them very much and I was complimented when I wore them at school-they bring out the color of my eyes.I hope you like the gift I gave you.Write soon!
                                                             With love,
                                                                your cousin ......(scrie numele tau aici)

My beloved cousin, I am writing to thank you for the surprising gift I have just received from you long before Christmas time. I am very happy that you didn't forget what I had wished last Christmas! It's very nice thinking that people who are not necessarily near me know that distance doesn't matter and can really be close to me no matter what. For that I assure you that your gift will always be in my heart as well as I cherish every Christmas having you in my thoughts! A Merry Christmas to you, too, yours always, X
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