Cine imi face si mie propozitii in engleza cu urmatoarele cuvinte: 11.odd=ciudat,12.thoughts,13.obviously,14.without even a twitch=fara sa clipeasca, shine, glistened, sparkled,18.fellow, regained,,21.evidence=dovada, be aware, fall in breake someone hearts. va rog sa scrieti si traducere



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11. He is odd because he is able to do such bends!
12. He's got some bad thoughts for me! I shall better run away from him!
13. Things are obviously getting better for us, because we're now getting along!
14. He stole the jewels without even a twitch!
15. The sun is now shining: be happy!
16. ...
17. The stars are sparkling in the night.
18. ...
19. I regained my phone because the cops have caught the thief.
20. The beauty lies in not lying about anything and yet being happy.
21. I've got some evidence against him! He certainly stole my cat!
22. There are some things not even the most brilliant scientists are aware of!
23-24. Last week, I fell in love with a girl, which later broke my heart!
She's rather odd. = E destul de ciudata( am luat-o din melodia lui Belle)
He thoughts that she is more beautiful than ussualy. = El crede ca ea e mai frumosa decat de obicei.
Obviously/It's obvious  he knows the truth. = E sigur ca stie adevarul.( impersonal) 
She said that without even a twitch. = A zis asta, fara sa clipeasca.
Let your power shine. = Lasa-ti puterea sa straluceasca.
The fire sparkles. = Focul licare. 
"My fellow is a hobbit" = Tovarasul meu e un hobit.  
The king regained his kingdom. Regele si-a redobandit regatul
I saw the movie "Beauty and The Beast"= Am vazut filmul " Frumoasa si bestia"
He found the evidence = A gasit dovada. 
The beauty falls in love with the beast. = Frumoasa s-a indragostit de bestie.
He broke my hearts by doing that to my bbf. = Mi-a frant inima facand asta celui mai bun prieten al meu.
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