De facut propozitii cu urmatoarele cuvinte :
Shops , children , daukeys , keys , boxes , bags , flowers , brathers , families , photos , cars , tomatoes , dais , wives , friends , boys , Americans , Japonese , glasses , ferries , clocks , pens , windows , hauses , nouses , apples , chiefs , streets , parrots , creses ,
Va rog sa ma ajutati !!!



My street there are five stores 
we are the children 
they donkeys
i have a set of keys 
i own several boxes
dad has five large bags 

I went to many shops.
I like children
We found some keys.
He threw all the boxes
I bought two bags
She likes flowers.
Mary has three brothers.
I love families that love.
She took some photos.
My uncle has two cars.
He likes tomatoes.
There were a few dais
Their wives are sisters.
Jessy hasn't got more friends.
The boys are in the classroom.
She doesn't like Americans movie. 
Her father is Japonesse
For New Year we have broken glasses
She went with three ferries.
For his birthday we bought two clocks.
Mary writes with the pens
I opened the windows
His cousin has four houses.
They heard noises.
The apples were baked.
They were our chiefs.
There I saw a lot of parrots.

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