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Vreau si eu va rog frumos o SCRISOARE INFORMALA si nu vreau sa fie una simpla cu fraze de clasa a 5-a,ceva mai complexa daca se poate,de un nivel

mai inalt,nu vreau sa se iveasca comentarii inutile,pur si simplu nu am timpul necesar pentru a o face.

P.S. : in engleza,nu de alta dar unii mai uita de materia la care este pusa intrebarea.


                 Dear X,
Thanks for the invitation to your birthday. I appreciate you invited me but you have to know I can't come. Why? Because I'm ill. I was at the doctor, he consulted me and told me to stay in bed for a week and drink hot tea. I wish Icould come but I can't. We all wish you "Happy Birthday" and "Happy anniversary" and I hope to see you soon...write me back, tell me how the party was, what you got, everything...and sorry again for my refuse.
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Dear Santa , I'd like to ask you something special this year. It's not for me, but it's for every citizen of my country, and I wouldn't ask you that if I didn't think that you could make my dream come true since you are Santa and you are unique in accomplishing the strangest wishes! So, I wish for a new brand President who is capable of loving us with no exception, one with a strong will of performing important changes that have to be urgently implemented. Also, my future President has to love kids so badly that he would behave like their father who 's always protective and supportive in what kids' future should be: wonderful and sunny. If you can, please pour into my Presidential Dream drops of parenthood happiness and thoughts of kind of 'bee-caring' towards the families who are separated due to heavy migration to foreign countries. Dear Santa, we really need an objective eye over our present because it doesn't look good right now ! I hope my wish will be on top of you duty list, Yours always faithful,
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