Cel mai inteligent răspuns!
In primul rand, past tense este asa: she ate. (asta daca e simplu), iar past continous: she was eating. 
- What were you doing when I came in your room, Marie? 
- I was listening to music when you came in my room. I think you should knock from time to time.
- You weren't listening to music, you were doing somthing else but I can't remember what. 
- Oh, well, then I was writing my homework, I can't remember either. But why? 
- Because dad was asking what were you doing when I checked on you. And you know how he is.. he wants to know everything in this house. 
- Yes.. I know. Then tell him something else, I don't know. Like I was drawing when you came by. 
nu am alte idei. sper sa te ajute. :D