Cel mai inteligent răspuns!
My-al meu,your,al tau,his- al lui,her-al ei,its-al acestei,our-al nostru,theirs-al lor
My mom was a doctor.Your jeans are beautiful,His sister is my friend.Her dress is blue with black.Its colour is very nice .Our team are very strong.Theirs classroom are big.
Scuze Dar la {theirs classroom are big} trebuia sa fie cu is nu are
Their classroom.... nu "theirs"....
eh mai gresesc si eu ,dar oricum mersi :D
Ok , nu-ii nimic :* , multumesc la amandoua :*
My house is big.
Your mother is a teacher
His friend is tall.
Her sister is younger than I am.
Its tail is longer than a dog's tail.
Our teacher is not available for an hour.
Your sons aren't coming tomorrow to see me.
Their books are interesting.