Cine ma ajuta? Puneti verbele din urmatoarele propozitii(present continous)la negativ si interigativ. It is raining. I am having a walk. He is telling truth. You are typing a letter. Ann is knitting. My mother is resiting.

It's not raining
It's not raining . Is it raining ? I'm not having a walk . Are you having a walk ? He's not telling the truth . Is he telling the truth? You're not typing a letter. Are you typing a letter? Ann isn't knitting . Is Ann knitting ? My mother isn't resting . Is your mother resting?


It is not raining
Is it raining?

I am not having a walk
Am I having a walk ?

He is not telling truth
Is he telling truth?

You are not typing a letter
Are you typing a letter?

Ann is not knitting
Is Ann knittining?

My mother is not resting
Is my mother resting ?
We are studyng English.
The child is learning to play the piano.
They are not swimming in the river
Are They swimming in the river

My friend is not wearing a new dress
Is my friend wearing a new dress?
We are not studyng English
Are we studyng English?
Is it raining? It isn't raining
Am i having a walk? I'm not having a walk.
Is he telling the truth? He isn't telling the truth.
Are you typing a letter? You aren't typing a letter.
Is Ann kitting? Ann isn't kitting.
Is my mother resting? My mother isn't resting.
 sper ca te-am ajutat :)

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