Join the sentences with who,which,where,or whose as in the Grammar box.Your new sentence must mean the same as the pairs of sentences.
1.A chest is a large box.You can keep important or valuable things there.
2.An archeologist is a person.He/she studies ancient times by studying the remains of buildings and objects.
3.A condor is a large bird.It lives in the Andes.
4.A Chinese-American is an American person.His/her ancestors were Chinese.
5.Machu Picchu is a city.Hiram Bingham discovered it.
6.Atahualpa was an emperor.The Spanish forces killed him.



1).A chesti is a large box WHERE you can keep important or valuable things .
2).An archeologist is a person WHO studies ancient times by studying the remains of buildings and objects.
3).A condor is a large bird WHICH lives in the Andes.
4).A Chinese-American is an American person WHOSE ancestors were Chinese.
5).Machu Picchu is a city WHICH was discovered by Hiram Bingham .
6).Atahualpa was an emperor WHO was killed by the Spanish forces . 
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