Rewrite the sentences with the correct form of be used to,not be used and get used to.
Exemplu rezolvat: We often hear predictions about life in the future. They're not new to us.
We're used to bearing predictions about the future.
a)Tom is living abroad. It still seems strange to him.

b)The children had tu sleep in tents last year. They were not accustomed to it.
The children....

c) It isn't usual for human beings to live in extremely cold conditions.
Human beings....

d)We have become accustomed to the idea of travelling in space.

e)Astronauts are weightless in space. It is new to them.

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A) Tom is still not used to living abroad.
b) The children weren't used to sleeping in tents.
c) Human being aren't used to living in extremely cold conditions.
d) We got used to the idea of travelling in space.
e) Astronauts aren't used to being weightless in space.