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*Put the verbs in parentheses in the present simple or present continuous.
1.I......(not intend) to spoil the experiment but I must tell you that the left switch.......(work).
2.What exactly you.....(mean)to say? You....(kid)aren't you?
3."Is the dip good?" "It ......(taste) a bit spicy." "It...(not matter), they.....(love) hot food."
4.You....(hear) this noise?The wind....(blow) in the chimney
5.Mother....(seem) to be so tired. I....(hope)she'll have some rest at the weekend.
6.I...(hate) to tell you this but he....(dislike) tea parties and never....(bother)to announce people that he...(not come).
7.I.....( consider)this is a gross mistake.I...(refuse)to think it cand ever happen again.
8.This.....(weigh)two kilos but if you....(prefer) the other one.I....(agree) to change it for you.
9.I...(not be) happy with this.I....(try) hard to find another solution.
10.I...(expect) you to behave yourself.You....(have) your favorite toys, please let me work for the next hour.


1/a. didn't intend
1/b. works
2/a. means
2/b. are kidding
3/a. tastes
3/b. doesn't matters
3/c. love
4/a. Daca vrei sa spui propozitia in timpul care se petrece acum atunci hear dar daca vrei sa explici ca "Tu ai auzit asta?" atunci heard
4/b. blows
5/a. seems
5/b. hope
6/a. hate
6/b. dislikes
6/c. bothers
6/d. doesn't come
7/a. I'm considering 
7/b. refuse that
8/a. is wight
8/b. are prefering
8/c. will agree
9/a. was happy
9/b. tried
10/a. I expecting
10/b. have

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