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they/wash the dishes(a spala vasele)
corinme/play football
you/cook spaghette(a gati)
the students/write in English
treceti propozitiile la forma interogativa.
treceti propozitiile la forma interogativa si raspunsurile scurte.multumesc



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Propozitiile la forma afirmativa:
Mike can read this book in 2 days.
We can swim very well.
They can wash the dishes later.
Corinme can play football like her brother.
You can cook spaghette tomorrow.
The stundents can write a short text in English.

Propozitiile la forma interogativa + raspunsurile scurte:
Can Mike read this book in 2 days ? - Yes, he can.
Can we swim very well ? - Yes,we can.
Can they wash the dishes later ? - No, they can't.
Can Corinme play football like her brother ? - No, she can't.
Can you cook spaghette tomorrow ? -No, I can't.
Can the students write a short text in English ? - Yes, they can.

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