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For a while, I'm thinking about my future plans. I'm not really sure about them, but here is a list with them: 
- Someday, I will visit the whole world. I will discover new cultures, new ways of thinking, new civilizations. 
- I will be rich. Everyone wishes to be rich ! 
- I will graduate highschool. 
- I will have a dream job, a perfect family, a perfect life. Everyone wants that. 
- I will discover a cure for an illness (not that sure about this dream) 
- I will make the world a better place. 
- I will always support my future children in their dreams, I will help my parents in need. 
I hope all of them will come true, and I will do everything to make them come true! 
sper ca e buna ideea, o mai poti adapta si tu dupa visele/aspiratiile tale. 
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