Traducere in romana la cuvintele in engleza- water- skiing ,snorkelling,windsurfing ,white -water jet skiing.
Alegeti variante corecta:Va rog ajutor!
1.I'm afraid the last train (left /has )left an hour ago.
2.Someone (has just stolen/ has just been) stealing my bicyle.
3.Thank you for your offer ,but (I decided/I've decided not to accept.
4.Yesterday (I lost/I've lost my wallet.
5.Take your umbrella with you.( It started / It's starded raining.
6 .We're enjoying our trip.(We visited /We've visited) two countries so far.
7.(I'm standing/I've been )standing here for hours and I feel tired.
8.This (was/been )a busy day and it isn't over yet.
9.I feel really tired.(We went / We've been )to a party last night.



Water- apa
skiing - ski
snorkelling - scufundăriwindsurfing - ceva de windsurfing 
white - alb 
water jet skiing - ski cu jet de apa
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1.has left
2.has just been
3.i decided
4.i've lost
5.It started
6.We've visited
7.I've been
8.This been
9.We went
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