Open the brackets:
1)When I (to finish) school,I'll go to my grandparents in the countryside.
2)Uncle Tudor will not visit his relatives in Romania until he (to gather) the crops.
3)Your elder brother Costel will certainly help you if you (to ask him).
4)After you (to study) your family tree,you (to find out) where you descend from.
5)In case a child (to became) an orphan,a family (to adopt) him or her.
6)I hope my cousin (to reach) the station before the train (to arrive).



1. Finish. 2. Gathers. 3.ask.4.have studied, won't find out. 5 becomes, will/can/may adopt. 6. Will be reaching, arrives.
14 4 14
3. Ask him
4. Study, will find out
5. Becomes, will adopt
6. Reaches, will arrive.
11 4 11