I used to be the unpopular nerd in highschool.
I've never seen such an unhappy person in my life!
He is living such an unhealthy life.
This disease is very unusual among teenagers.
I can't believe my mother bought me this shirt, it's so unfashionable!
I advice you not to talk to James, he's one of the most uninteresting men alive!
A very unpleasant even occured during the meeting.
I'm feeling quite uncomfortable around new people.
I hope I won't end up choosing an unsuccesful career.
In 1962 Jamaica became an independent country.
I chose to wear informal clothing for the job interview.
I'm sorry but your answer is incorrect.
Her friends are always complaining to me about her, telling me how immature she is for her age.
Rebuilding the bridge proved impractical because of the great expense.