In my job I know my fate
It's written for me in black and white 
Everyone will sit and wait
To see what my boss improved last night

What is my job?
(answer - Actor)
da dar 3 de unde mai iau
He is always available to help people he wears a uniform with a cap. He saves people from danger What’s his job? He wears a red uniform with a helmet. He saves people from fire. He’s brave What’s his job ? a policeman a fireman
he wears a white uniform and gloves. He helps people He works in a hospital What’s his job? He wears a uniform and sometimes a big white hat. He makes bread and cakes He works in a bakery What’s his job ? a doctor or a surgeon a baker
she serves food and drinks She works in a restaurant What’s her job? ? She works in an office. she answers the phone, she types letters on her computer What’s her job ? a waitress a secretary