I like you. I don't like you. Do I like you?
I want an ice-cream. I don't want an ice-cream. Do I  want an ice-cream?
I am a boy/girl. I'm not a boy/girl. Do I am a boy/girl?
He wear a jacket. He doesn't wear a jacket. Does he wear a jacket?
She makes her homeworks. She doesn't makes her homeworks. Does she makes her homeworks?
We'll go to sea. We wouldn't go to sea. Would we go to sea?
They're going to supermarket.They aren't going to supermarket. Are they going to supermarket?
You like  play pc-games.You don't like  play pc-games. Do you like  play pc-games.
It is a beautiful dog.It isn't a beautiful dog. Does it is  a beautiful dog.
You like watching TV. You don't  like watching TV.  Do you like watching TV?