1) You are visiting a farm.Rewrite the questions more formally in the passive.
1. Where do you keep the hens?
2. How many eggs did you produce last year?
3. How often do they milk the cows?
4. Do they make and cheese on the farm?
5. Why did you sell the horses?
6. Did you grow any potatoes last year?
7. Do you sell fruit locally, or do you export it?
8. When did they build the new barn?
9.What do they use it for?



Am mai facut chestia asta e foarte simplu:
depinde daca si ai fost atent daca nu ar fi bine sa cauti despre diateza pasiv pe net :)
The farm is beeing visited by us.
Where are the hens beeing kept?
la 2 nu sunt prea sigura asa ca nu iti dau raspunsul sorry
How often are the cows milked - nu cred ca asta e verbul
Why are the horses being sold bu you?
DId any potatoes grown by you las year.
nu sunt sigura nici la 7 sorry
When was the new barn built?
Ehat is it used for?
 Sper ca te-am ajutat cat de putin, stiu ca nu le-am facut pe toate dar asta e:)
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