Un articol cu titlul " My favourite fictional character " . Si asta este definitia exercitiului: your local library publishes a monthly newsletter.write an article for the newsletter , about a character frln a book you have read . Describe his/her apparance and personality , and include your feelings and comments about the character. Cu ce carte ati citit voi nu conteaza .



My favourite fictional character is Doctor Fergusson from Five weeks in the balloon wrote by Jules Verne. I think all the men have to be like him, beacouse he is so brave and he never gives up. He only thinks that he will win and he will be the best, even if his friend, Kenedy, is afraid of death. I think that Jules Verne, when he create this fictional character, he thought that the people will be like him. But people will never be like him. The people will be afraid of future. Doctor Fergusson is my favourite character beacouse he a lot of qualities.
P.S Am vrut sa fac ceva mai frumos si elaborat, nu gen imi place Alba-ca -Zapada.