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Alice was bored on the outside, near her sister unremarkable reading a book when he saw suddenly a White Rabbit dressed elegantly, with a pocket watch. Fascinated by this new, chased the rabbit up into a hole, from which fell a very long shaft. After a long time, during which he slept, collapsed on a pile of sticks and leaves withered, and continuing to take after the rabbit arrived in a long, low room, the walls of which was a lot of doors closed. He found on a table in a bar tack room but did not fit in these doors, but to a very small window spotted by a beautiful garden. He wanted terribly much to reach that wonderful place, but does not fit on the door. Soon, he found on the table a bottle that said "Drink Me". Alice drank from it and began to shrink until he came to have ten toes tall. Now he could fit on the small door, but could not reach the bar tack left on the table. It started to cry, but soon saw, under the table, a glass box containing a cake that read "Eat me." Hoping so high and will be able to reach key tasted the cake.

Chapter 2 - Pond of Tears

Suddenly, Alice began to lengthen, and to lengthen until all head touched the ceiling. Now able to take the small key on the table, but it was too big to fit on the door also. This situation sparked crying, and her tears gathered in a large puddle that stretched into the middle room.

White rabbit made his appearance again, with him, this time, some white gloves and a big leather fan. Alice asked for help, but the rabbit was scared so badly that he dropped the gloves and fan, and took her immediately to health. Alice put things away, and began to make his wind to fan wondering this day was so different from the others. So got to tell that maybe was changed into another girl during the night, especially as he could not remember the correct multiplication table or geography, and not managed to recite a poem as it should.

The range fan did decrease in height until he came to have two legs. He tried again to get out the small door, but it was in contnuare locked, and the key remained inaccessible on the table too high. Then he slipped and fell in puddle formed by her tears.

He met a mouse that he had fallen into the water, but the frightened when he started to talk about her cat Dinah and about a dog. Then, the mouse has promised to tell you why he hates dogs and cats, and they swam together toward the shore, along with other animals reached the pool of tears.

Chapter 3 - A contest running and a long story

For the animals that were attendant Alice soaking wet, have thought of a way to dry quickly. Mouse tried to tell "the story dry" but knew that because it was not well received by others, fell all agree to start a "cross / competition running Caucus". A dodo drew a circle, a running track, which, in different places, each started to flee, haphazardly, without clearly knowing how, who and what wins.

After half an hour, when all dried, dodo stopped the race, acting like everyone was winning. Alice was inspired to give it as a prize a thimble, found in his pocket. Mouse decided that this one ought to be given the prize girl.

After that, the mouse started to tell the sad story of his life, which, in the girl's mind was the real one as possible. When listeners did not gave attention, mouse was furious and left. The other animals were removed and they began again after Alice talking about her cat and dog.

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