Transforma la diateza pasiva propozitiile:
1.I repeat the lesson.
2.She saw that film.
3.The boys get the prizes.
4.Dan forgot the address.
5.I will give Daisy a flower.(aici sunt 2 complemente,deci trebuie 2 transformari)
6.Tom didn't meet the guist.
7.Their granny has cooked sausages.
8.David will sell a horse.
9.We played computer games.(va rog frumos :*)



Cred ca le-am facut bine , sper ca te ajuta :) :
The lesson was repeted by me.
That film was beeing saw by her.
The prizes was gotten by the boys. - aici nu sunt sigura
The address was forgotten by Dan.
The flower was being given to Daisy by me.
The guests weren't met by Dan. 
Daca substantivul guest e la singular ca in ceea ce ai scris tu nu am inteles , ar veni cam asa:
The guest wasn't met by Dan,
The sausages has being cooked by their granny.
The horse will be sold by /david.
Computer games were being played by us.