I wake up at 6 in the morning.
I eat the breakfast and prepare for going to school.
I go to school by bus for 20 minutes.
At school i try to focus and do my best.
After school I take the bus and go home.
Afer I get home i eat and start to do my homework.
After I finish my homework I usually go out.
Outside I meet my friends and play or walk around having fun.
Before it gets dark I go home .
I have dinner with my family and go early to sleep so I can be rested.
I go to school every day with colleagues outside . 
We laugh, we joke, we have fun in the break. 
But then when the bell rang classes begin. 
We go to the playground, there are some banks where we petrecep time me and my colleagues. 
Erase board, and do many activities. 
Dusting, play with it in class. 
My colleagues and I still play the game of volleyball or elastic.