Ma ajutati si pe mine am de rezolvat urmatorul exercitiu

Complete the dialogue with the present continuous or will/won't
- what (you/do) Tuesday?
- I don't know. I expect I (be)..... free. Why?
- Wel, the Newquay Surf Club (do)..... a display.
- (you go) ..... to it?
- Yes, if I'm not working. Do you fancy coming?
- Maybe. Where (they/have)
- On Fistral Beach.I hope the South African surfing team (be)...... there.
- Why?
- I met one of them yesterday. I (tell)....... you about him later



Cel mai inteligent răspuns!
1. will you do
2. i will be
3. is doing
4. will you go
5. are they having it
6. will be
7. i will tell
15 4 15
1,are you doing
2.i will be free
3.will do
4.are you going to it?
5.will they have it?
6.will be there
7.i was telling...
4 5 4