Disudie dinte elev si bibliotecara:
-Mark: Hello, I would like to borrow from you the Hamlet book for the following two weeks. I will try to bring it back as fast as possible
-Mrs.Newman:Ok, come here, I'll make you a card so you will be able to borrow any books when you want
- That sounds great!
-Let me take a picture of you, say cheeeeeeeese. Ok now come and say me your name
-Mark Green
-Here is your card and the Hamlet.
-Thank you! Have a nice day!

-Hello, Sanda!
-Hello, Doinita!
-I have 2 bilets for cinema. You want to go with me to the cinema Comedy?
-Yes, Thank you! How is the title of movie?
- Doinita, The title of movie is '' Home Alone''.
- It is an interestin movie?
-Yes, it is!
-Are you sure, you will go?
-Yes, i love this movie!
-Good. Bye. I expect tomorrow at 12:00.
-Bye. Be sure that I will come.