Cine ma poate ajuta si pe mine cu o compunere la engleza? trebuie sa fie despre vara. nu prea complicata. simpla si draguta . ceva de gen ca o descriere

ce vrei ?
nimic :)
Comentariul a fost şters
Comentariul a fost şters
Comentariul a fost şters


During the summer I shall play with friends and we have fun. I thought it would be nice to play with the ball. the sun is very arzator.and  day is insorita.Play volley with ball.
and continue until the evening.

Summer holidays are wonderful.

The sea is one of the most wonderful places which attract holidays-makers all over the World.

There are many rest homes and tourist camps there.

 Spending holidays on the beach is a great rest though many people combine sunbathing with visiting museums and places of interest.

i love the summer so great.

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