O compunere de o pagina in engleza pe baza unui titlu din cele 4:"Families split by lottery win","Couple's record win leads to divorce court","Lottert winner yo afraid to leave house","Homesick lottery wife returns from Paradise Island."



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  Harry Smith who won at the lottery a large sum of money, last month is terrified about everybody else's reaction. He hasn't a normal day since he won. His story's worsen odder day by day. It began with calls from unknown numbers who tried to blink him, some of them feigned that are sick and homeless. One of that stranger guy even pretended that he is moribound and he need money of a surgery.
   Some men tried to steal his money by scared him to death and because of that he enjoyed to his family a few rules about going out. After that he moved to his natal city, where his old friends wore envy because he had so much money.
   Harry reached at the end of his strenght, he introverted and he descried the people who tried to steal his money at the police. An officer had a tryst with him and after that Harry Smith became a normal person again.
   Now he is trying to keep his family and money safe and never repeat this story again.
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