Complete the second sentenceso that it means the same as the first,using the words in brackets.
1.Why didn't I go to bed earlier last night ?(ought)
I bed earlier last night.
2.You ought to water the plants.(need)
The plants .
3.The trouble is,Ilike chocolate too much.(wish)
I so much.
4.I can't decide what to wear.(mind)
I can't what to wear.
5.What time were they supposed to arrive?(turn)
What time ?
Cum trebuie sa fac,ce trebuie pus in spatiile libere.



1.I ought to go to bed earlier last night! 2.The plants need to be watered 3.I wish I wouldn't like chocolate so much. 4.I can't mind about what to wear (la aceasta nu sunt sigura) 5.What time are they turning back?